Creating a Series

A Series is a collection of Sessions that follow a common theme. Create a series as weekly teachings, groups of events, or retreats.

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Creating a Series on Coleader is simple and easy!

  1. Be sure you are signed in.

  2. Tap "My Dashboard" in the Menu

  3. Tap "Create Series"

  4. Name your Series (don't worry, you can change it later), select the Group that will use the Series (how to add more groups), and hit "Create Series"

  5. You did it! You can now add more details to your Series, and start adding Sessions.

  6. If you need to rearrange sessions, click on the session in the Series page and move it to the spot you'd like it to be.

Do you need to create a Series template that you can reuse for each Series you build? Check out Making a Series Template in our Help Center!


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