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Planning Your Next Session on Coleader
Planning Your Next Session on Coleader

An overview of how to create a Session on Coleader, that can be used to plan any type of program or event for your group.

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It's all fun and games until the humans show up. Here's how to use Coleader to plan out your next group meeting, or any event or program you are running for your group.

On Coleader, we call these "Sessions", and every Session is part of a "Series" (or group of Sessions)

Create a Session

  1. First, add a Series to the group that will be running the Session.

  2. Next, tap "Add a Session"

  3. Title your Session (don't worry, you can change it later) and tap "Save".

  4. You did it! Now you can start adding content, or "Blocks" to your Session.

Add Content via Blocks

  1. In your newly created Session, tap "Add Block"

  2. Choose the type of Block you want to add:

    1. Header - This is a visual divider for your Session (e.g. Intro, Worship)

    2. Video - This is used for any videos in your Session, such as Countdowns, Illustrations, or Personal Stories.

    3. Fun - This is used for any fun interactive portions of your Session, such as games or icebreakers.

    4. Teaching - This is used for your written or video teaching for the Session.

    5. Group - This is used for your group time, such as group discussion questions (that you an easily share with your group leaders).

    6. Music - This is used for worship or special music.

    7. Custom - This is free form, for whatever you need.

  3. Add your content to your Block and tap "Create"

    1. Title - This is just a helpful name for this content.

    2. Duration - This is the total time this Block will take in your Session. Coleader automatically adds start time to each Block based on the start time of your Session.

    3. Description - These are your notes for yourself or your leaders for what is happening during this Block.

    4. Special call out - This is an important note you don't want to forget, or want to be sure your team sees.

  4. Once created, you can attach "Resources" or files or links to your Block.

    1. NOTE: Coleader has file size limits based on your plan. We recommend using "Links" for larger files, by adding to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, then adding a link to the file to Coleader.

  5. Teaching Blocks

    1. You can additionally add the Scripture you are using to your Teaching Block after you create it. Tap "Scripture" to do so.

Add Your Session to Your Schedule

Coleader can manage your Group calendar for you. Simply add Sessions to your calendar. Here's how:

  1. On your Session, tap "Add to Calendar"

  2. Select your date and start time

    1. Note: Coleader account "Owners" can set a default timezone in your "Account and Subscription" settings.

  3. Move your sessions around.

    1. If you'd like to rearrange your sessions, you can do that from the Series page. Simply drag and drop it in the position you'd like to have it in.

  4. Done! Your Session is now scheduled, and will show up on your "Upcoming Schedule" on your Group Dashboard.

Your session is scheduled and ready! Next step: share it with your team!

Check out this video to view the step-by-step process.


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