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Coleader Roadmaps is a comprehensive plan for your teaching and events that provides unparalleled flexibility, and all the resources to pull it off.

In any Coleader Roadmap, you can expect:

  1. Scope and Sequence: A Roadmap includes a thoughtful explanation for the range of content covered, and the reasoning behind the suggested content.

  2. Consistent experience: Consistent formatting in all series and resources in a Roadmap.

  3. Adapt as you go: Use a suggested series from a Roadmap, or replace that series with another from the growing Coleader library that better fits your changing needs.

  4. Pay only for what you use: No need to purchase an entire Roadmap upfront! Just purchase Coleader credits and then only spend them on the content you need.

Coleader Roadmap FAQ

How do I get Roadmaps?

The Roadmap is just a guide that you follow, you don't need to buy the actual Roadmap, it'll be available on your Coleader page in the header. Just click on Roadmap to see the year planned out!

If you want to actually use the Series that are in the Roadmap, you would purchase the Series individually. Just click on the Series and you'll be able to add it to your calendar.

When does the Roadmap start?

The Roadmap calendar is set to begin in the Fall. The first Roadmap items will begin to drop in July and will be available for you to grab then!

What sorts of Series will I see in a Roadmap?

Not only does our Roadmap include multi-week Series and one-offs, but also fun events, parent meetings, leader trainings, celebrations and more. All of these are fully programmed for you and include all the elements you need to make it great!

What plan do I need to be able to cover all the Series in a Roadmap?

The Roadmap covers a year of programming, so the Premium+ would allow you to purchase everything with a little left over to cover any events or Series you'd like to throw in.
However, you can purchase Series as you go using our credit packs, as well! One of the best parts of this Roadmap is you only pay for what you use.

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