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The Difference Between DYM and Coleader
The Difference Between DYM and Coleader

Coleader and DYM are both here to serve ministry workers and save you time when planning weekly programming.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of ministry resources, it's imperative for youth ministry leaders to have access to tools and materials that facilitate the planning and execution of engaging programs. Two strong platforms that serve the needs of ministry workers are Download Youth Ministry and Coleader.

This article aims to break down the differences between these platforms, helping you make an informed decision on which resource best suits your ministry needs.

What is Download Youth Ministry?

Download Youth Ministry (DYM) is a well-established resource platform catering to youth ministry leaders. It offers a plethora of materials including videos, games, teachings, and more, which can be integrated into your own customized youth programs. DYM encourages creativity and allows ministry workers to handpick content that aligns with their specific themes or messages.

Key Features of Download Youth Ministry:

  1. Resource Variety: DYM offers an extensive collection of materials, such as teaching videos, games, worship guides, and event plans.

  2. Customization: Users have the freedom to choose specific resources, enabling them to create tailored programs.

  3. Community: DYM has a large community of youth ministry leaders, fostering shared experiences and advice.

  4. Memberships: Memberships are available and include monthly store credit to use in the store AND free monthly resources members can download and use.

What is Coleader?

Coleader is a newer platform designed to streamline the planning process for ministry workers. It offers fully programmed series and sessions that can be directly implemented into weekly programming. These pre-packaged resources reduce the planning time, allowing ministry workers to focus more on their engagement with the youth.

Key Features of Coleader:

  1. Pre-Programmed Content: Coleader provides complete series and sessions that are ready for implementation, with little to no customization needed.

  2. Time-saving: The ready-made nature of content allows ministry workers to save time in program planning.

  3. Curated Quality: Each series and session is curated to ensure that it aligns with core Christian values and teachings.

  4. Flexible Access: Coleader offers both subscription-based access and individual purchase options for its content (check out more info about that here).

Comparing Download Youth Ministry and Coleader:

Download Youth Ministry


Content Type

Individual resources (videos, games, teachings, etc.)

Fully programmed series and sessions


High (pick and choose resources)

Included resources, but with ability to edit/customize

Time Investment in Planning

Higher (requires more planning)

Lower (less planning needed)


Large established community

Newer, growing community

Typical Use Case

Build-your-own weekly programming with all the 6000+ resources on site

Quick implementation of series/sessions for weekly programming

Choosing between Download Youth Ministry and Coleader depends on your specific needs as a ministry worker. If you prefer customization and building programs from scratch, DYM might be the better choice. However, if you are pressed for time or prefer using pre-packaged content that requires minimal planning, Coleader could be the ideal platform for you. It's important to assess the requirements and constraints of your ministry to make the best choice.

Annual Gold Members on DYM get free Coleader credits included!

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